One of the capital’s most wonderful buildings  The Guardian
Welcome to St George’s Church Bloomsbury The Church of England parish church of Bloomsbury A church for all people
Sunday Eucharist and Morning and Evening prayer live-streaming on Facebook If you would like to connect with our community please join facebook and then contact Father David so he can invite you to join our St George’s Support Facebook Group. You can also find information at  St George’s Bloomsbury public facebook page
Donations The situation with the coronavirus has meant we have lost over 80% of our income. Despite this the work of the church continues supporting the community and live-streaming services on Facebook. We would be enormously grateful if you could make a donation towards the costs that running the ministry of the church still incur even in this time of lockdown. You can make a one off donation or set up a standing order direct to our bank account Name: PCC of St George Bloomsbury Number: 00213615 Sort code: 60-01-73 Thank you!
One of the capital’s most wonderful buildings  The Guardian
The world for us all feels very different today than it was just a couple of months ago. The situation with the coronavirus has changed so much of what we take for granted very quickly. We feel worried about the most vulnerable in our families and communities. We worry about the implications financially. Perhaps most of all, it is the feeling of simply not knowing what is going to happen, which is causing all of us to feel increasingly anxious. Not knowing what will happen next week or next month is very difficult for all of us who are so used to feeling we know where we are in life, to feeling in control. Even though so much of what is happening is new it also reveals what has always been there, that we do not know what tomorrow will bring. But perhaps it can also help us to see what is most valuable in life, our care and support for eachother and the precious nature of life itself. The Christian faith does not imagine a God who will protect us from the reality of life, but one who reveals himself in Christ as found in the unpredictable and often tragic nature of life. What we do believe and trust is that nothing can separate us from the love of God shown to us in Jesus Christ. A love which is stronger than death and indeed the fear of it. March 2020
St George’s Bloomsbury has adopted the Diocese of London’s Child Safeguarding Policy for the welfare of children and vulnerable adults whilst on the premises. To view the policy please click here
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Revd Dr David Peebles Rector
CHURCH OPEN We are following government guidance on social distancing PARISH EUCHARIST  PRIVATE PRAYER Sunday 10.30am    Tuesday, Thursday               11am - 4pm  
A Play on Light Kieran Slyne  PHOTOGRAPHS Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th October 10am – 5pm FREE ADMISSION
Light is life Light is colour Light reveals... The moment where sunshine illuminates a face or creates a glorious and fleeting pattern in nature, the magical twilight hours where artificial and natural light come together, the riotous neon of the city at night or the frosty magnificence of the Milky Way, these are the inspiration behind this exhibition. A Play on Light is a distillation of Kieran’s life’s work hitherto - a rich collection of people and places from round the world that encapsulates his relationship with life, colour and light. Always the light... Kieran Slyne As a 13 year old growing up in the Irish city of Cork, Kieran « just knew » he had to take photographs - he mowed lawns, did paper rounds and washed cars to find the money for his first camera, an East German Praktica LB. Money that wasn’t spent on film and developing went on buying photography magazines as he gained inspiration from the greats of the 1970s, while his remaining spare time was spent at the Everyman Playhouse and the Cork Opera House doing sound and lighting as well as taking pictures for use in posters. The big move to Dublin came when, at 19, Kieran was selected out of hundreds of applicants for a job in RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster. Working for many years as a lighting cameraman, mainly for documentaries, Kieran has travelled the world always seizing the moment to take stills. His work has been widely published in newspapers and magazines as well as being used for album covers. To see more of Kieran’s work please visit his website A Play On Light is brought to you as part of the Bloomsbury Festival 2020
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