One of the capital’s most wonderful buildings  The Guardian
Welcome to St George’s Church Bloomsbury The Church of England parish church of Bloomsbury A church for all people
Sunday Eucharist and Morning and Evening prayer live-streaming on Facebook If you would like to connect with our community please join facebook and then contact Father David so he can invite you to join our St George’s Support Facebook Group. You can also find information at  St George’s Bloomsbury public facebook page
Donations The situation with the coronavirus has meant we have lost over 80% of our income. Despite this the work of the church continues supporting the community and live-streaming services on Facebook. We would be enormously grateful if you could make a donation towards the costs that running the ministry of the church still incur even in this time of lockdown. You can make a one off donation or set up a standing order direct to our bank account Name: PCC of St George Bloomsbury Number: 00213615 Sort code: 60-01-73 Thank you!
One of the capital’s most wonderful buildings  The Guardian
As I write this we are about to enter into a new national (English) lockdown. It won't be quite as severe as the first one earlier this year, but nevertheless it will be a difficult time for many people. Perhaps we had hoped that by now we might have been moving out of the pandemic rather than getting more deeply caught up in it. That it would have all been over by Christmas, but alas that is not the case. As Christians we are called by God to be present to where we are and try to see what is most deeply going on. To recognise what is most important and what we can do without and to remember those things when we do finally emerge from this crisis. At a global level surely we can see there is a greater need for international co-operation rather than competition, and a need for a greater sense of stewardship of the earth and the environment. To care for the most vulnerable and fragile in our society and to be grateful for all who put themselves at risk for others. To also ask ourselves what can we do? To ring somebody we know who is lonely and might need a bit of shopping. To be more patient and understanding of the people we live with.To be kinder to ourselves. To slow down and take stock, to pray and be still. To walk humbly with God who walks at our side in Jesus. November 2020
St George’s Bloomsbury has adopted the Diocese of London’s Child Safeguarding Policy for the welfare of children and vulnerable adults whilst on the premises.     To view the policy please click here
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Revd Dr David Peebles Rector
November 2020 Eucharist  live on Facebook Sunday 10.30am Due to the new lockdown we are sorry to say the church will be closed until further notice    
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